A Tail of Two Lovers

I cracked the door open and “WHOOOSH!”

In streaked a ball of white fur, nearly knocking me off of my feet. Tearing several laps around the dining room table, pausing at the near end, paws planted wide, tail wagging and tongue lolling, she announced herself with a single bark.


Scarlet is here for the weekend.

Oh boy.

Scarlet and our dog Oliver have been dating exclusively for almost eight years now although no formal announcement has yet been made.

She is his foil, and he hers.

She is exuberant, friendly, adventurous, ditzy, and driven by her great love of affection. He is reserved, cautious, grounded, reticent, and motivated by his great love of food.

If she could dress herself, she would accessorize flamboyantly with fire-engine red nails, large hoop earrings, and a rhinestone studded collar. He would prefer an understated smoking jacket (earth tones – of course), silk ascot tucked at the neck, and a tobacco pipe to puff on.

Miss Scarlotta and Professor Fuzzles.


Yin and yan.

She once coaxed him out from hiding under a picnic table at the local dog park.

He once saved her from a threatening vacuum cleaner.

She once ran to his house unaccompanied at 5 a.m.

He once lunged at a vagrant dog near her front yard.

She shares duck breast jerky at her house.

He shares chicken wrapped sweet potato niblets at his.

Scarlet and Ollie.

Ollie and Scarlet.

They met years ago on a neighborhood walk, she romping clockwise around the block, and he snuffling counter-clockwise along the same perimeter. Predictably, she ran to him; he stood his ground, not knowing if it was wise to advance.

It’s been that way ever since.

They sparked a friendship that grew to include their human families who – over the years – have worn a comfortable footpath up and down the street, to and fro, carrying casseroles, good reads, and bottles of wine for barbecues, book discussions, and summer nights on the back deck or the front porch.

Ollie and Scarlet.

Scarlet and Ollie.

Little in stature but so big in heart.

And so remains to this very day.

7 thoughts on “A Tail of Two Lovers

  1. Thanks for the smile this morning. I loved reading this. Even though I do not presently have a dog, I know the love two can share and you captured that beautifully.


    1. Thank you, Paul! I hold you in high regard so your feedback is very meaningful. If you get a chance, flip back to my “Time Lapse” piece the day before – I think you missed it. You might be interested as it is about someone you also know and care about…


  2. OMG! The cutest and most endearing story of two lovers ever! I see a children’s book here. At the very least these two should be the model we hold up for all of us to follow.


    1. Thanks, Suzanne! Coming from the experienced dog lover that you are, I truly appreciate your comment. You have raised a long line of wonderful dogs, yourself. Cant imagine life without them, right?


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