Drunken Spring Haze

Balanced between equal day, equal night

a super moon nigh for a promising sight

the shift of the seasons – miraculous thing

no question, my favorite is this one-

it’s spring

The light so expands and the warming, it swells

if you’re in a bad mood, I’ll be hard-pressed to tell

everything’s brighter – the outlook – pure rosey

winter? good-bye –

’cause I’m so tired of “cozy”

I wanna go out without layers upon more

that add fumbled minutes to get out the door

to fling it wide open – burst out from within

without needing ‘nothin

but one layer thin

the walls of this house disappear, fade away

no barriers ‘tween

and I like it that way

the outside wafts in

on the lightest of breeze

caressing the buds

on awakening trees

I feel like my world is expanding ten fold

for ending my cloister away from the cold

So please, if you do, notice me in the spring

my halcyon season;

I love everything

How can you be sad

on this day of all days?

Don’t ask me!

I’m floating in drunken spring haze.

8 thoughts on “Drunken Spring Haze

    1. Thank you! I do love the warmth, but my husband tells me that it is that way because of the wintery contrast. To witness the cycling of the seasons is to be a connected to something truly miraculous – I feel very fortunate, especially today! In winter however, I will just grumble about the whole thing as pine to be somewhere warmer šŸ™‚


  1. Thanks for your poem. I especially like these lines:

    I wanna go out without layers upon more
    that add fumbled minutes to get out the door”


    1. Thank you! It sums up everything I’m feeling about today! I think my favorite part is “I’m so tired of “cozy”.
      Thank you for taking the time to read it – I really appreciate that and your saying so.


  2. Phenomenal imagery, and I feel the mood of spring radiating from this poem. My favorite lines: “the outside wafts in/on the lightest of breeze/caressing the buds/on awakening trees.”


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