‘Turmoil’ by Michael Lang

I thought being grounded was the way to be,


I think maybe it’s not a good thing, after all.

Groundedness implies roots and roots are connected to something vital,

life giving.

Roots can rip out, tear, sever,

leaving raw ends reaching for something that is no longer there.

Grasping – no,


For now – it seems much more appealing

to not be grounded, but to be

withdrawn within oneself.


Then, when life flings you

like a rag doll,

you just take it.

Isn’t that better?

Well, just humor me then.

6 thoughts on “Losses

    1. Thank you. Actually, we had some very challenging things happen at school yesterday that had large repercussions for several colleagues – just working through it. Our district is very small (2 schools) and the community is very close, so the ripple effect is pretty strong here…


  1. It there an in between – I feel the need to be rooted but want to be flexible – like blowing a bit in the wind – not stiff and ridged. I liked the way you expressed this idea.


    1. Thank you. Most days, I want to be centered, not withdrawn, but yesterday and early on today, we had a lot to work through as a community here at school. However, once the kids pass through he doors and the day is underway, well that’s like medicine that we are all willing to take – it works, and helps to give new perspective that is encouraging, always. One sure thing about teaching – it definitely keeps you in the moment and thats not a bad place to be.

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