That Awkward Moment…

That awkward moment when you wake up and realize you may need to move the venue for the evening equinox celebration from the back patio….

A few of you may recall an earlier slice where I explained why we feel minimal need to secure our home by locking doors. A suitable case in point is this newly altered view of the backyard from our bathroom window this morning.

Don’t ask – we don’t know what it is either, but we think that there are people under there.

There appears to be a tent beneath the flapping blue tarp. It is likely – and we are presuming – that it is our son Ben and assorted friends, as we also encountered several (breathing) members of his cohort asleep in the basement this morning.

When I left for yoga and a haircut this morning this was the scene.

We’ll see what emerges from the blue behemoth when I get back, if it is still there. Past practice says it will be.

Between the kids, the friends, and the dogs, one never knows.

Just livin’ the dream…

18 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment…

  1. Ooooh- quite mysterious. It’s still a bit cold out for me to even consider camping, let alone being outside for an extended period of time. Looking forward to the reveal- if the bandits can be caught!


  2. So glad the people under the tarp are ones you know. Doesn’t sound like they have set up permanent residence though, so perhaps they’ll be gone soon. Maybe there’s hope for the evening activities. Interesting slice with descriptions filled with anticipation.


    1. I never thought of that , but yes! The yoga helps tremendously! Wow! Thank you for pointing that out!
      And yes, it was Ben and his friends. It is staying up for one more night – they will be out there again tonight:)


    1. Used to it by now! He’s 21 and his brother is 22, sister, 20. Also, we are always carefully selecting our battles, and we surmise that at least we have a home that they really think of as home, in which they are happy and comfortable, even in bringing their friends to.

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  3. Very funny! Glad to know it was/is family! My children are out of the home but we often would come home to find that several more people were at the house for dinner and the night. Always interesting times when you have kids!


    1. I hate to give away a spoiler but – yes, it was my son and his friends, as predicted, thank goodness! He has no plans on leaving, but he WILL be taking the makeshift domicile down by nightfall tomorrow!


    1. Thank you! The suspense was almost unintentional! The culture in this house is one of surprises – I guess I didn’t realize how much so until I started reading how suspenseful this slice was to others. Interesting how we all receive things with our own twist 🙂


    1. Thank you! Being firmly intrenched in the culture of this home, it never occurred to me that this would be suspenseful. Interesting how we all receive what we encounter so differently. Yup, it was Ben all along:)


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