The Blog Fog Slog

having trouble blogging

my head is densely fogging

deep night with my daughter

some sleep i really oughta

but it’s now six o’clock

and i’m still taking stock

the school day is behind me

yet at my desk you’ll find me

t’was meeting after school

corona virus ghoul

the topic of the day

and how to plot the way

the lateness finds us done

we really need to run

another shift awaits

there’s still more on out plates

family, kids, and dinner

you’d think we’d all be thinner

from all the running ’round

the feet scarce touch the ground

eventually, in time

that pillow i will find

to rest, recharge, refuel

and be here back at school

this blog is wearing thin

a prize it will not win

it’s best that I can do

in moments that are few

thanks for reading through it

you’re why I tried to do it

9 thoughts on “The Blog Fog Slog

  1. I loved how the repetitive nature of poetry conveyed another layer of how you were feeling, beyond your words! You showed us so much with this poem, and probably don’t even realize how enjoyable it was to read, though we could feel what you were feeling.


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