This for That

I’ll admit – I once used a credit card to scoop Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch out of the carton so I could eat it in the car. I have commandeered packaging twine to tie back curtains and scotch tape and staples to hold up a droopy hemline when time prevented needle and thread.

I’ve garnered milk crates for book shelves, dabbed White-Out on spots spoiling a white shirt, replaced grungy car mats with fluffy bathroom rugs, and pushed shish-kabob skewers into the ground for plant stakes, hammering them home with a nearby rock.

I fill in scratch marks on our black stove with a Sharpie, and when the brown veneer wears off my boot heels, they get darkened with the Sharpie marker, too.

I’m not sure it started with the credit card spoon, but over the years pseudo-substitutions have done the job, and no one is the wiser – until now.

My bird bath is an aluminum garbage can lid upturned on a wrought iron pedestal, our beta fish bowl is a big flower vase, and the dog gate for the front porch is an old garden trellis.

Do other people do this too – use things for other things?

My friend Beth once used Krazy Glue to secure her false tooth in a pinch. She is not with me anymore, and it was not the Krazy Glue that did her in, but I think I would draw the line on that one. She was always more of a risk taker than me.

Using things for other things.

I’m even using other things now – for this blog!

Is it resourcefulness or desperation?

Okay, the Ben and Jerry’s was clear desperation, but the other things?

It’s a good thing.

Isn’t it?

12 thoughts on “This for That

    1. Well, I’ve certainly had the dubious fortune some years to hang with a passive aggressive crowd – maybe it rubbed off on me more than I know! I never thought of it that way. Interesting angle….but all with a happy heart – especially the ice cream:)


  1. I am right there with you! Love the credit card and ice cream, that is clever! We used to use markers to make our uniforms look slightly better, it was cheap and quick!

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  2. Hahahahaha! Truly such a funny post. I can remember “trimming” back a wooden shutter I was trying to install in my adolescent bedroom window with a serrated kitchen knife. Our home not being in possession of a saw. And duct tape sufficed for every type of adhesive need. Thanks for the laugh!

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