Is it Soup, Yet?

Today I was delighted to spend a portion of my morning outside making Stone Soup with very young chefs. Cooking al fresco is fraught with benefits; although the aroma is lost to the atmosphere because of the venue, the trade off is the sun not only shines on your Vitamin D-deprived-post-winter face, it also cooks the soup!

Conveniently, we found just what we needed at the base of a nearby tree in a sunny field: two pots, a couple jugs of water, and all the ingredients we could find.

Here is the recipe:

Put the pots directly on the ground.

Pour in cups and cups of water until you don’t feel like doing that anymore.

Wander around the periphery looking for ingredients.

When something interesting catches your eye, throw it into the medley and mix vigorously with a nearby stick.

Pinecones make great carrots. Dried sedum sprigs are broccoli spears, and what about snapped-off twigs? Perfect celery sticks!

Fold in loose mud to thicken, garnish with fistfuls of grass and clover, and stir liberally – if not frantically – with a stick.

Plunge your finger or entire fist in to see if it is warm. It is! The sun is working its magic the whole time you are busy cooking. Run around a bit more while the warming orb continues to meld the flavorful ingredients together.

When the soup is done, give it one more vigorous stir and pour it into a nearby puddle for effect.

Watch your shoes!

14 thoughts on “Is it Soup, Yet?

  1. The soup equivalent of making mud pies! What a fun, imaginative activity. And time outdoors in the sun–something we haven’t seen much of this weekend in Denton, TX.

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  2. I used to love reading this book to my second graders. When I have a grandchild (not rushing things, just sayin’), I will follow your lead. Thanks!

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      1. Right?! I have relayed it to my colleagues at my former school. In the age of waning bake sales…perfect! Thanks for reading.

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