Timely Virse

I wonder if I’m wrong to play it down,

I run an errand to the store in town

The cashier there – as pleasant as can be

Why is she not at home in quarantine?

Some say don’t go out – best stay home for weeks.

We must remain inside ’til this thing peaks!

But me, I wonder – why might this be so?

We don’t react like this with flu – you know.

Ten thousands more from flu die every year.

Why is COVID 19 the one to fear?

Ebola, SARS and H1N1, too-

I scarce remember those and how ’bout you?

Is stopping the economy for good cause?

And do we really need our lives to pause?

Or might this be some hype to sell a spot

of advertisement when it’s nil they’ve got?

Am I an ostrich with my head in sand

because it might be daft to join the band?

I’ll try to carry on with life and so,

I say goodbye – corona , time to go.

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