New Limbs

I read a timely reflection about breaking through blocks.


It was written by a person who was leisurely walking and found herself – one day – spontaneously running. She didn’t remember deciding to run – she was suddenly just running. One stretch, then two, then further on to her confounded delight and disbelief. When it was over, she had run a whole mile. She didn’t know how or why it happened, but it did. Having never run more than a quarter of a block her whole life, this was a big deal. The next day, she went out for a walk, tentative that the whole thing had been a fluke. Or was this something she could actually do?

She did it again.

She had never taken particular care of herself and due to childhood illness had never considered herself an athlete. But that day, she ran. And the next day, and the next.

Now she runs most days, incredible as that may seem.

This has me take pause.

I wonder – Am I blocked from thinking about new possibilities for myself? I do think about myself in a certain way. It’s comfortable, I’m comfortable, we’re comfortable. It’s what I know. It’s how it is. But maybe I am so blocked, I can’t even see my blocks.

I didn’t know I could write a daily blog until my colleague Suzanne invited me to try it last year.

“Me – write a blog?”

“Why not? You might be good at it.”

“I’ve never done that.”

“Most people haven’t. I think you might like it.”

So I did, and I do.

I found a part of me I didn’t know was there.

I remember someone ruminating about going for her Master’s degree.

“Oh, I don’t know if I should start something like that now….It will take four years and by then I’ll be 54…”

“In four years do you want to be 54 with a Master’s degree, or 54 years old without one?”


These days, many of us find ourselves in a new, strange way of being. We are apart from work and colleagues, away from crowds and gatherings, at home with expanses of time that were not ours to fill a few weeks ago.

In that space I would like to offer an invitation to go out on a bit of a limb.

Might you think of yourself differently?

What might you that you’ve not done before?

Follow a recipe.


Plant a seed.

Rearrange a room.

Sew on a button.

Do a puzzle.

Start a language.

Play an instrument.

Make something.

Fix something.

Call somebody.






Maybe something unknown is in there. Could there be more than you know?

Inch forward, crawl over, advance.

Pass default and go there.

Why don’t you?

7 thoughts on “New Limbs

  1. Indeed, why not? I appreciate your slice’s subtle, insistent call to explore outside habits that may have calcified without us even realizing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Calcified. I love it! that’s exactly what I’m talking about, and what a great word! I would have used it myself if only it had come to mind. Thank you for summing up the slice in one neat package.


  2. I love the way this is written with all the short one word line suggestions at the end, pushing everyone to give it a go! As you say, it’s all about breaking through blocks! This new way of life is a good reason to step out and do something different…


  3. I love the way you started this slice and then brought it into real possibilities. One year, not long ago, my OLW was “why not.” In some ways, it was the hardest and yet the most wonderful year of my life. Those words have inspired me to try new things.


  4. What a wonderful invitation! I initially read this line “Could there be more than you know?” as “Could there be more YOU than you know?” heeheehee But YES, I like the idea that I can “Inch forward, crawl over, advance.” I think my first step is going to be forays into on-line learning 😉 and after that… who knows? Maybe I’ll start to run. Thanks for inspiring me today.


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