Choosing to See it That Way

The spirit that breathes in all living things confounds explanation.

But don’t think too hard about it

or you may lose it.

We – who are surrounded by life –

can be buoyed by miracles

if we choose

or remember to.

One might see the ordinary as extraordinary

the mundane as miraculous

for things such as these are holy:

the call of a child’s hello crossing the threshold home,

telling stories,

a tree weathering a storm,

a hen atop her eggs,

laughter again at the same old joke,

the wag of the tail,

the burst of a leaf through the wall of a bud,

a seed,

the arrival of wintering wrens back to the yard,

shared bread and banter around the table,

and being held

and loving back.


when you seek holy ground


look down


you are the vessel, too.

Sanctity is everywhere.

Where you stand,

wherever you stand,

is holy ground.

5 thoughts on “Choosing to See it That Way

    1. Thank you, Paul. I think that perhaps people who write – or feel compelled to – may look at things in alternate ways to find meaning that is not always evident at a glance. Not sure, but maybe? Thank you as always for your comments; I appreciate your views tremendously.


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