Best Colors

The best red is our new washable livingroom rug.

The best orange is my husband’s quarter zip sweater (in his favorite color) that he wears a lot.

The best yellow is our house of eighteen years.

The best blue is the memory of my Mom’s eyes.

The best green is soon-to-be leaves on awakening trees.

The best Violet is my niece by that name.

The best pink is Peppermint Stick ice cream on a sugar cone.

The best white is the hammock chair that hangs under the silver maple all summer.

The best black is a tiny box that holds my hearing aides.

The best brown is our good buddy Oliver – who is mostly brown and softly furry.

The best tan is the warm sandy beach at the Jersey shore – under my feet.

The best gray is our bedroom – painted by us last summer.

The best color mix is the unlikely rainbow on the first anniversary of losing my mom.

The best colors are everywhere because they are in the things I love.

The Yellowness of Friday

Let’s start with Friday because that’s where I am right now.

This day envelopes me with an orange-y yellow glow, sometimes tinged with subtle flecks of red. Comfortable and anticipatory with excitement – it’s Friday, after all.

By early Saturday morning, orange has receded and everything is pulsing – lemony, buttery, radiant, even when wrapping around a cool slate gray sky. How could it not be so? It is Saturday, lest we forget.

Sunday? Equally comfortable but more subdued with soft gray hues, a nice easy gray, at least at the start, although it tends to darken as the day wears on – anticipating the work week ahead.

It fades reluctantly to Monday: a mottle of nondescript, maybe gray and humus splotched with olive and brown, glimpses of purple peeking out around the edges, hinting at forward progress and letting you know that all is not lost.

Tuesday arrives cloaked in deep violet – having increased in lightness from Monday’s dark outer-tinge to an eventual blackberry sherbet smoothness; we’re approaching mid-week, after all.

Wednesday then, boasts a deep royal blue – an optimistic breather, rising slightly above the rest. An uphill climb to its plateau, it will be all downhill from here.

Blue rolls comfortably toward the emerald green of a Thursday morning, lightening to verdant by midday, clearly approaching Friday on the horizon.

In due accord, spring recedes and warmth grows, glowing to become the typical yellow-tinged-with-orange of a Friday – any Friday – increasing in lightness of being as the day progresses, as you must know.

And so it goes. Week to week.

I wonder…What color is your day?