Get What You Give

Painting or sewing or carving or baking

perhaps at our best when its something we’re making.

casting on needles or molding of clay

to create something new is an offering each day.

Maybe a song or a book or a meal

something that didn’t exist – wasn’t real.

A plumber whose solders make waterways flow,

a teacher whose words guiding which way to go.

A seamstress or tailor who makes it fit right,

a nurse sitting long bedside watch through the night.

Each a creator of something in need

each a combatant of personal greed.

The giving away is what makes the heart grow

we get what we give; so important to know.

To lose oneself for the gain of the other

a nobler cause there will not be another.

To carve, or write, or dig in the soil.

Love effort

of gratitude there – in that toil.

To reach out from within

no amount is too small.

Lose ourselves and we’ve answered the ultimate call.

14 thoughts on “Get What You Give

  1. Lovely and a perfect thing for me to read today! I really like the line “to reach out from within” and “The giving away is what makes the heart grow we get what we give; so important to know.”

    Thanks for this poem today!


    1. You are welcome! I am helping out with a knitting retreat this weekend, and it is providing good energy and room for thinking about what’s important. That is when the poem came from 🙂


  2. This poem reaches me. It creatively gets across a message that we all need to understand. Your examples from all of the trades and professions reminded me of Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing.”


    1. Thank you, Paul. I am not familiar with that poem, but I will check it out. After spending this weekend away with a remarkable group of altruistic knitters/crocheters/crafters, I am overwhelmed with their generosity of spirit and the quiet way in which they make the world a better place. That was the genesis from that poem late Friday night.


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