Carving Slices

How will I carve out time to write each day?

Thoughts of the Slice of Life Challenge taunted me with flutters of excitement and anguish. On the up-side, a blog a day this month will neatly usher me through the final weeks of winter, buoyant that my last Slice will be solidly into warmer weather and longer days of spring. On the down-side, I am flummoxed to find a portion of my day for writing without resorting to setting my alarm earlier than it already is.

My time dilemma began to vanish however, with the simple act of picking up my phone. A downward glance revealed the banner across the screen smugly announcing that my phone usage time was up 17% from the previous week, inching threateningly toward the two hour mark.


How is this possible?

This can’t be me – I spurn intrusive technology! Loathe it!

We haven’t had a TV in decades and yet my screen time is inching into dastardly realms of inexcusable quantities of wasted life moments?

This has to stop!

With that declaration, my lenten promise was born: no facebook for forty days.

So there it is – my almost-two-hours-long blogging niche carved neatly out of each day without a moment’s set-back to my alarm clock.

Instead of scrolling my screen, I’ll be creating and accomplishing on it.

I’m ready – and here it is, my First Slice.

9 thoughts on “Carving Slices

  1. I read so often about how hard it is to find time to write. And I experience it myself. How wise you are to really look at where your time is going and hold yourself accountable.


  2. Well done! I agree that FB time can be better spent. I applaud you finding time (not early morning) for your writing. I went to a creativity workshop one week and we were told that 20 minutes is enough time to be creative.


  3. Nice! I realized that as well both FB and playing word games with a few friends take up a great deal of time. I think I may follow you lead and work with month of spend my time writing and reading real books not little comments from friends. Thanks for the post.


  4. Good for you! As you know, we can always find time for what we really want to do. I have neglected writing for a while – but already I am looking forward to time spent writing. I bet you are too!


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