Who Knew – Did You?

Adjusting or rusting?

Recouping or drooping?

Dumping or slumping?

Waning or gaining?

Without a cursed schedule to keep me in alignment

I find that I am listing to and fro without refinement.

When bound by daily schedule, not to have one is appealing

But now that it is naught, life is a little bit surreal-ing.

Should I do this or might I do that?

Clean out the closet or crochet a hat?

Oh sure, I’m on my laptop in the morn to check the learning

That used to be in school where measured gaze was more discerning.

But after morning school stuff then the day is just wide open

It seems a bit unsettling – who knew that I’d be moping?

My schedules, graphs, and charts that kept my kids all sorted out

Apparently are things that I don’t want to be without.

So – to enjoy this pause I need to organize my lack

until we get the notice that – hooray!

We’re goin’ back!

8 thoughts on “Who Knew – Did You?

    1. Aww…Thank you for echoing me. it makes me feel so much better to know I have company! I guess part of the heaviness is that we are not out of school for a positive reason, and that is the cloud, right? But cloud or no, after this preliminary week I vow to put myself on a more consistent schedule – that should help, I hope!

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  1. I am so impressed how you conveyed these feelings so well while also rhyming. 🙂 I love this line “When bound by daily schedule, not to have one is appealing” because it’s so true–this isn’t what I want, even though when I was in school, the idea of some days at home sounded sort of nice. I also love your beginning, with the pairs of rhyming, opposite words in each line.


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