Mandatory Music

On the eve of my penultimate slice, it occurred to my that I never sliced about one thing that has remained a constant source of joy throughout life and challenging times.


Consistently uplifting, always enhancing, oft preferred over talking – good music makes everything better.

I can do chores for hours unscathed if I’ve got the “Awesome Road Trip” playlist on. I can clean out a closet, wash windows, or pack away summer clothes for the upcoming winter (worst job ever) as long as I’m listening to favorite tunes – and singing along, of course.

Doing the dishes becomes fun.

Folding laundry? Voila!

I almost don’t want it to end when accompanied by my favorite artists on the job.

And driving? Forget about it!

Below are some of my current favorites. My playlist is in perpetual rotation with selections being deleted and added as preferred. Keep in mind that I was a child of the sixties and seventies, so these choices may not be to everyone’s enjoyment. I will say however, that my tastes dip into many genres, and even my young-adult offspring admit to liking my Spotify playlist.

I humbly claim to have expanded their musical purviews considerably.

Although challenging to narrow down the choices, for the sake of brevity I managed. Here are my current top ten choices from my “Awesome Road Trip” playlist, in random order:

  1. Don’t Know Why – Nora Jones
  2. Redemption Song – Bob Marley and the Wailers
  3. Harvest Moon – Neil Young
  4. I Say a Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin
  5. Just One Look – Linda Rondstadt
  6. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  7. The Wood Song – Indigo Girls
  8. Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater
  9. Orange Blossom Special – Charlie Daniels Band
  10. Into the Mystic – Van Morrison

What are you top ten?

Can you add them to your life this week?

I suspect they might make everything just a little bit better.

8 thoughts on “Mandatory Music

  1. Great list! Music has true power and force in our lives. If it can propel us through work and change our moods and mindsets, I wonder sometimes whether we should drive under its influence. And, yes, I will have music in my life this week.


    1. True about the driving – I would NEVER wear headphones or earbuds while driving, but I have – on occasion – been carried away by a song and then looked down at the speedometer and – WHOOOOPS! Going a little too fast there…
      On the other hand, driving while listening to good music is the best!


  2. Good song choices. Love that Nora Jones song. I love hearing music when I walk. My all-time favorite is Bruce Springsteen, but I play different artists for different moods. Sometimes it’s Elton John, sometimes it’s even Lizzo (from my millenial daughters), but Bruce is my usual. Good idea to remember music’s role in lifting us up.


    1. Wow – Bruce is my all time favorite, too! I could have filled that list with old and new favorites – Racing in the Streets, Ramrod, Jersey Girl, Thunder Road. In my mind, he is in a category all his own; it didn’t seem right for me to – I couldn’t – just lump him in with everybody else. So glad you feel the same way – Thank you!!!!


  3. Oh man – that is a GOOD list. I think what we need in this house tomorrow is a playlist like this to get us moving. (Also, now I’m thinking about a mix an ex-boyfriend made me long ago… there’s a slice in there for sure “Patrick’s Driving Mix” can still lift my spirits…)


    1. Music is a such a good tonic! I read a slice recently where someone was taking requests from their students and playing instrumental theme songs from favorite Disney and popular movies and such as study music in the classroom and it was actually working!
      Best wishes unearthing “Patrick’s Playlist!” It’s funny how music can bring you right back in an instant.
      Never gets old!


  4. Excellent play list, as I would have expected. And you are right about music, it makes everything better. And you used one of my favorite words, penultimate. Can you believe we almost made it? Shows you that you can make it through anything, and a little music makes it all the better!


    1. Slice of Life has completely transformed the month of March for me. It used to be my longest, kind-of-a-dreary-interim month. Now it’s a reflective, purposeful month; I truly thank you for that. And them of course there’s the music – and I know you’ve always shared that love with me:)


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