The Washing of the Mask

Call me crazy, but I enjoy the ritual of washing my mask. Scrubbing my cover-up in a sinkful of hot soapy water each evening offers a few minutes to mull over the day, and do one small thing to set myself up for a good start tomorrow . No matter how tired I am, it’s something I don’t mind doing. I kind of revel in it.

In its own way, the washing of the mask has become a reassuring reminder that –

I am still alive.

I am healthy.

I am going to need a clean mask tomorrow because I still have a good job to go to.

It has been instrumental in gifting me my healthiest winter ever.

It is a tolerable accoutrement that I don’t mind wearing nearly as much as I used to.

I was worried about these new accessories. As primary grade teachers, we were all worried about them. The children were going to play with them, refuse to wear them, or be distracted by them. In reality, other than the occasional “Please pull your mask up,” the whole thing has been a non-issue.

No different than a pair of eye glasses or a hairband, really.

So, these days, we have one more thing to do each morning. We choose a face covering to wear. This is important, because – at least in the primary grades – a cheerful mask can make a reality that is a little scary a little less so.

Be it polka-dots, camo, floral, or paisley, wear it in style, and remember to wash it tonight.

9 thoughts on “The Washing of the Mask

  1. Your ritual makes total sense to me. Your slice is full of hope. I love the comparison of masks to glasses and headbands. Other than my glasses fogging at times, I don’t mind the masks and will likely continue wearing one for a long time.


  2. Thanks for sharing. The mask-wearing practice has really demonstrated how flexible our students are. I also anticipated a lot of struggles (and I teach high schoolers), but it’s really been a non-issue for us too.

    If only that was the case with adults at the grocery store.


  3. This is such a positive post. The thoughts that accompany your evening ritual — I am alive , I am healthy, I have a good job — seem like mantras we should carry with us beyond this pandemic. Thank you for sharing your silver lining.


  4. The joy of small routines can be reassurances and I love the affirmations which shift the narrative to a viewpoint of something more than acceptance. This could be used in so many different contexts and your post has really inspired my thinking – thank you.

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  5. I love this routine. I was wondering if I was the only one that did not mind washing my masks. There was some comforting to know that in the morning I would have a fresh mask to wear. I love the I am health, I have a good job and I am alive! I wish more people could think like this! I am always amazed as I watch the kids in our neighborhood playing in the early evening – all of them wearing their masks as they connect with the other kids. Not an issue for them. I expect students who might have issue – have them because their parents have issues. Thanks for sharing this today.


    1. We canlearn alot form the kids, right. Sometimes I think we over complicate things! Thank you so much for your comments. I think that maybe when so many things are out of our control – it’s like you siad – there is great comfort in a small routine. Thank you for letting me know 🙂


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