Training Tips

Over the years I have trained Ollie to love oatmeal cookies (no raisins, of course).

For breakfast he enjoys bits of buttered English muffins with blackberry jam, or banana bread if we are out of muffins or jam. After all, fruit is important.

Salmon (or tuna) with mayo and pickle relish – sometimes on crispy crackers – is a good lunch, while roast chicken remnants with mushroom risotto is a preferred dinner entre. It hardly bears mentioning that corned beef and potato portions are standard fare on St. Patty’s Day.

In a pinch, he is fine with Progresso’s Chickarina soup as a stand-in lunch or dinner, as am I.

It has been a lot of work expanding his diet, but soooo worth it. It is just so convenient to have a dog that loves all the same foods you do, right up to the Rita’s gelati run on a warm summer night (vanilla soft serve layered with rootbeer ice). It makes life so much easier, and we all enjoy meals and outings together that way.

Of course he eats dog food, too. He would prefer to think of it as a mere supplement, so let’s just leave it at that, okay?

Ollie will be twelve this June, and he is as healthy and active as ever.

I know it’s our diet of fab favorites that is keeping him that way.

Good boy, Ollie.

3 thoughts on “Training Tips

  1. First, Ollie is adorable! And second, he has impeccable taste. (Vanilla soft serve layered with rootbeer ice!!) I picture him with a chair pulled up to your table as you discuss what to taste next. There is no better date than a dog!

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    1. Thank you! He is our good boy- the first and only dog we’ve ever had, and like a little brother to our now adult kids. In all seriousness- I do think our healthy human food supplementing through the years has been good for him. It can’t be healthy to eat the same thing every day, and who would want to???

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      1. My goldens have all lived to be old ladies and they had their fair share of human food. I’m with you, the same taste every day? A girl needs to mix it up!

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