Assiduos Alphabets?

Years ago, our fifth grade son was assigned a social studies project called “A to Z with Abraham Lincoln.”

Let’s just say it nearly killed both of us.

As evidenced by this writing, the trauma is still with me.

In a final expungment of that scar, here is a mellifluous memory replacement that was conversely uneventful in the making:

A to Z with Verbs

Arch your back to float on water.

Bend at the knees when picking up heavy objects.

Carry burdens lightly.

Defend someone who needs your voice.

Examine your actions in hopes of improvement.

Find something good in every person.

Get outside.

Honor yourself by finding a bit of comfort in each day.

Invest in others.

Joke around a bit.

Keep attachments to a minimum.

Love what is.

Make something that wasn’t there before.

Nibble a cookie now and then.

Open your heart to another perspective.

Put others before you.

Quell gossip.

Revel in today.

Sit in the sun.

Talk less and listen more.

Unbind your narrow views.

Value people.

Weep when you need to.

X-ray through to see vulnerability beneath toughness.

Yield more often.

Zip it, if it’s not nice and smile when Zooming.

5 thoughts on “Assiduos Alphabets?

  1. You had to wander all around for these verbs. From swimming to Zooming! I bet new lines for the poem pop in your head all the time now, as you hear and say things that give you new ideas! I like it, a lot. I like that you used verbs. The things we do and the things we are make us human.


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