My husband runs circles around me in the kitchen. However, there is one culinary area in which I far surpass him, and that is because I have a secret weapon that he does not possess.

I have a built in egg timer in my brain.

I make a perfect hard-boiled egg every time.

No timer needed.

No attention needed.

Just right.


Here is my recipe:

Put an egg in a pot.

Fill the pot with water to cover the egg.

Turn on the burner and bring the water to a slow boil, then shut the burner off.

Now, just let the egg sit there, relaxing in the hot water. Do whatever else you need to do in the kitchen at this time.

When a thought of the egg pops into your head again, that means the egg is done.

Run it under cool water until cool enough to handle, then peel and eat.


You’ve done it again!

Another perfect egg.

4 thoughts on “Egghead

  1. That is an amazing feat! I am trying to perfect my Instant Pot hard boiled eggs, but alas, can’t seem to get consistent results. I may have to try your less technical, but more successful, method!

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  2. I love the imagery of Steve running circles around you (literally) while you pad about humming softly until you remember to remove the eggs! Well done!


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