Simeon Moment

Sage harbinger of anguish to unfold

The elder held the infant in worn arms

A prophecy met and one more of harm

A sword will pierce your heart the aged man told

She worried a lifetime how it could be

That her sole Son should fall in danger’s way

They lost him on a journey – tortured days

But it a lesser trial for the three

His words and deeds captivated, challenged

Bold acts of light and hope an urgent threat

Royals exacted merciless revenge

Yet for transgressions all He paid the debt

Simeon’s prophecy splayed out to mend

The moment a soul will never forget

9 thoughts on “Simeon Moment

  1. Awesome poem! So much woven in. I reread it 4 times and each time I walked away with something I missed before. Thanks for sharing and talking the time to put out the message.

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  2. This is magnificent. You chose the Pertrarchan format and nailed it. A truly Holy Sonnet, and it has such gravitas. Artful allusions, bold imagery, intense emotional and spiritual presence. Thrilled to read this.

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    1. The feeling is mutual. I am often in awe at the tremendous slices you post about things that I KNOW only happened that day. In other words – you are able to compose stellar pieces with very little time at hand to do so. It is always a treat to step behind each other’s lens to see what is ruminating below the surface in our lives. Always a privilege – always a surprise – always delightful.


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