Love Lost

At the crest you had a life that most would die for

and when he met you – smitten, though he would be cursed

A spouse with whom you shared a love both hearts adored

Alas, in time your fickle love became rehearsed.

At first the three of you – comrades beyond compare

Two spouses and a loyal friend, though vain he be

and irksome ’til he saved a life by pleading air

Yet from that hour it was destined – you and he.

Then three hearts broken – damned to live this bitter plot

The sear of love and kingdom lost – that were so near

Yet for a time there was a place called Camelot

– the fateful dream of Arthur, Lance and Guenevere.

3 thoughts on “Love Lost

  1. Phenomenal! The paradoxical relationship between love and pain pervades this piece, and the lines, “The sear of love and kingdom lost – that were so near/Yet for a time there was a place called Camelot” truly capture something that occupies my thoughts lately: the impermanent treasures that emerge through human interactions that can ultimately become timeless, transcendent ideals that we internalize. Powerful verse!


  2. For a time there was a place called Camelot. And that story has rolled around and around and around. And there are winners but mostly there are losers. For there is and was not a Camelot, we must focus always on what is ahead of us, lest we stagger and fall, like the three. This is a beautiful slice, Deb. Once again your placement of words leaves me wowed. Brings me to tears.

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    1. Thank you. One of my all time favorites, we watched it a few nights ago and once again it has remained with me for days and days, including the songs! Such a good study in the frailty of human nature despite the best of intentions and yet the blessings of hope and faith above all. No question – it had to be a blog!


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