Best Colors

The best red is our new washable livingroom rug.

The best orange is my husband’s quarter zip sweater (in his favorite color) that he wears a lot.

The best yellow is our house of eighteen years.

The best blue is the memory of my Mom’s eyes.

The best green is soon-to-be leaves on awakening trees.

The best Violet is my niece by that name.

The best pink is Peppermint Stick ice cream on a sugar cone.

The best white is the hammock chair that hangs under the silver maple all summer.

The best black is a tiny box that holds my hearing aides.

The best brown is our good buddy Oliver – who is mostly brown and softly furry.

The best tan is the warm sandy beach at the Jersey shore – under my feet.

The best gray is our bedroom – painted by us last summer.

The best color mix is the unlikely rainbow on the first anniversary of losing my mom.

The best colors are everywhere because they are in the things I love.

7 thoughts on “Best Colors

  1. Wow. I loved the format of this post–and how you captured the different colors and their meaning. I have tried slicing about the noticings of one color before but never the colors of the rainbow. I’m going to try this! Thanks for slicing and for the inspiration.


    1. Thank you! I saw someone elses post that was “Me By the Numbers,” which I thought was so creative, but I am definitely not a numbes person. However, colors I can do, so this is my spin on that. So inspired by each other’s talents and perspectives 🙂

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